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Dozor-B Combat Vehicle 3D Wood Model Kit UGEARS

Dozor-B Combat Vehicle 3D Wood Model Kit UGEARS

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Dozor-B Combat Vehicle 3D Wood Model Kit

The Dozor-B DIY armored personnel carrier model kit contains 300 parts, is rated "Medium" (for somewhat experienced modelers) and promises 8 hours of exciting construction time. Everything you need to build the Dozor-B Combat Vehicle comes included in the box. No glue or special tools are required. Be sure to closely follow the illustrated, step-by-step instructions in 11 languages (English, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) for a successful build.

Other mechanical features of the Dozor-B Combat Vehicle include opening driver and passenger side doors, and a top hatch and rear hatch that open to reveal the detailed troop compartment, complete with bench seating and rubber band seat belts! Decorative elements on the outside of the vehicle include a tool rack with crowbar, pick, axe and shovel, spare gas cans on the rear hatch for long-distance missions, and laser-engraved riveting. A ratchet knob on top (where the machine gun would normally go) allows you to wind the APC's spring motor. To set the model in motion, just lower the "Start/Stop" lever on the side of the vehicle and watch all four wheels power out!

Ugears continues to celebrate the brave fighting men and women of Ukraine's armed forces with the Dozor-B TCWV (Tactical Combat Wheeled Vehicle), an all-wheel drive armored personnel carrier (APC). Manufactured in Ukraine and first put into service in 2007, the Dozor-B is a multi-purpose light armored vehicle for transporting personnel, weapons, medical supplies and military equipment in combat environments. It has a driving compartment, fighting compartment (the APC is usually fitted with a remote-controlled anti-aircraft machine gun that can rotate 360°) and troop compartment with ports for observation and small arms fire. The armored hull and ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems in the troop compartment provide soldiers protection against mines, small arms fire, harsh weather and even NBC conditions (employment of nuclear, biologic or chemical weapons).

The Ugears Dozor-B Combat Vehicle DIY model is also proudly made in Ukraine. It has "armor" in the form of 3.7 mm-thick plywood, all-wheel drive, full suspension, and a spring motor that allows it to travel a considerable distance (about 8 meters). Because this is Ugears, and because we love to delight and amaze our fans with cool extras, the Ugears Dozor-B Combat Vehicle features a working winch, just like its real world analogue, for self-recovery or recovery of vehicles of similar weight. Pull the front bumper-mounted winch out, hook it to an object, and watch it pull the Dozor-B forward!

Pay special attention to installing the pieces with their correct orientation, and lightly sand and lubricate (with the included piece of wax) all moving parts for optimal function. One great design feature of the Dozor-B Combat Vehicle is that the rubber bands in the suspension system and in the winch mechanism can be replaced, if and when needed, without disassembling the entire model. You can leave your Dozor-B in its attractive natural wood state, paint it military drab, add a camouflage pattern or unleash your inner artist with a color scheme of your choosing. Enjoy hours of imaginative play as your Dozor-B Combat Vehicle carries out patrols, brings aid to civilians, rescues wounded troops, and helps in the defense of the Ukrainian homeland.

From the beginning of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ugears has taken on the challenge and responsibility of helping in the ways we know best, with humanitarian aid to refugees and procurement and donations of military and civilian supplies using our international business contacts and knowledge of supply chains. We love our homeland. We love our families, our cities and towns, our agricultural heartland, our language and our culture. We love freedom; we refuse to surrender our democracy or bow down to tyranny. Our new line of military-themed models are our way of demonstrating and celebrating the Ukrainian spirit of resistance that has inspired the world. Along with full-size models like the Dozor-B Combat Vehicle, the Ugears' Age of Bravery series are a line of simple "mechanical stories" depicting Ukrainian defenders throughout history, particularly highlighting some of the standout episodes and stories of the current war. Collect them all!

This DIY wooden model of a Ukrainian armed forces armored personnel carrier will make a worthwhile project or an original gift for anyone interested in military models, military history, four wheel drive trucks, combat vehicles, and for those who support Ukraine's efforts to preserve our freedom and independence against russian aggression. Part of the proceeds from each Dozor-B Combat Vehicle model purchased on our international website will be donated to Ukrainian relief and defense.


  • Model size: 10.2x4.3x4.1 in
  • Package size: 14.9x6.7x1.3 in
  • Number of parts: 300
  • Level: Hard
  • Assembly Time: 8 hours
  • Recommended Age: 14+
  • Kit weight: 1.4 lbs


UGEARS is a 2014 Ukrainian startup with a growing worldwide reputation for producing unique, self-propelled, wooden mechanical DIY models, puzzle boxes and educational toys. Each UGEARS model has its own mechanical action that will amaze and delight.

UGEARS model kits come with everything you need for assembly. All parts are laser pre-cut into a high-quality plywood board for easy removal and assembly. Motion is accomplished using rubber bands, gears and gravity. Detailed color diagrams and step-by-step instructions are provided in 11 languages to guide you through the assembly process. No glue, special expertise, tools or equipment are required. Customer service is available 24/7, with spare parts provided and shipped free of charge.

UGEARS models are works of art, marvels of mechanical engineering, and surefire conversation starters. Most models have real world analogues, others are imagination brought to life. These eye-catching beauties are ideal for display in the home or office, but they are so much more! Each UGEARS model and puzzle box has its own unique and enchanting mechanical action, to delight your family and friends. Constructors will find satisfaction in bringing the models into being with their own hands, experiencing the magical moment of "birth" when the model shows the first spark of life.

UGEARS models and 3D puzzles make the beautiful world of mechanics more comprehensible. You will be able to touch every piece, every gear cog, and discover first-hand the workings of simple machines. Experience the thrill of self-propelled mechanical action that doesn't come from an electric socket or battery. Take a voyage to a previous century, to an age of elegant machines, fine detail and old-world craftsmanship, and rediscover the pleasure of understanding how things work.

UGEARS make a wonderful hobby for constructors, and a thoughtful gift for just about anyone in your life. Our mechanical models and puzzle boxes come in three skill levels: EASY, MEDIUM and ADVANCED. Warning: our beautiful, timeless machines and mechanical puzzles can be addictive, and you may find your collection growing as you move on to more challenging builds!  UGEARS products require no glue, but we like to say there will be bonding—the bonding of family and friends working together to bring these mechanical marvels to life.
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